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Mary Rose’s vivid imagination and mischevious sense of fun have often made people compare her work to a children’s story book. Who better than an artist with that ability to portray Christmas? The sheer thrill of our first dozen Christmases will never leave us and Mary Rose offers a seasonal range of joyous pieces to help bring on the magic

A Large Jewelled Ceramic Christmas Tree with a Crowned Robin
"Santa's Cookies" Plates
Candy Cane Teapot

Her pieces are of course made to last… there is no reason why a treasured ceramic tree or Candy Cane Mug should not last for an entire lifetime and its annual appearance amongst the decorations and gifts will bring with it the redolence of your Christmasses past without any need to scrabble around for old photos

Candy Cane Mugs
Robin Handled Mugs
Small Star Topped Christmas Trees

Look out for new designs…. Mary Rose’s own devotion to the thrill of Christmas will no doubt find her eager to put any decorative notion into practice….look at our Christmas section on the web site shop