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Giant Multiflower Encrusted Teapot with Pressed Flowers


Mary Rose’s 60 at 60 Exhibition starts this Saturday Evening at 7pm (11th August). It will be a Preview Evening with drinks from 7pm -9pm and you are most cordially invited. From then on the exhibition will run every day that the gallery is open (Sunday – Friday) These are some of the examples of her 60 pieces… look also here

Oak House, The Folly, Parkend, Lydney, GL15 4JQ 01594 563425

Left to Right: Rose Encrusted Powder Box, Baby Cauldron Vase and at the front Large Rose Saucer all in Pastel Rosebush design
Medium Serving Bowl with Pastel Blooms


New for Summer 2018 is this pastelly dense floral design where the lines picking out the petals and features are all in gold. The design shimmers and radiates wherever you choose to place it, and catches the eye unfailingly

Tall Cylinder Vases, all Multiflower Encrusted, featuring Pastel Blooms

Three Little Maids…

A Face Vase is a unique piece from Mary Rose’s studio. It stands 14 inches high and will take water and flowers if required to. These latest ladies head vases have beautiful white faces reminiscent of a classic geisha girl. There are two sides to the vase of course and even though the two faces inevitably show subtle differences there is no attempt to differentiate between the two. She sets them off on a base that is stripy but can be coloured or black and white. In common with Scott Mackenzie’s “If you’re going to San Francisco” of the hippy era they all wear flowers in their hair. There are 3 colours the red, the green, and the orange