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Six Arm Tea Set Chandelier Installed
A Chandelier's Beaded Arms

Mary Rose’s Ceramic Chandeliers

These wonderful light fittings are built onto a metal frame to give them strength and stability. She realises the same fairy tale fantasy theme as that of her pottery pieces. Mary Rose makes the many components by hand; typically several cup and saucer light fittings, a teapot central feature, and many hand made beads which will make the arms. They all get decorated glazed and gold accented in the normal way and finally these components are built onto the metal frame and our electrician wires the whole construction up.

The tea set was her first inspiration…as all tea sets do have a central teapot with cups and saucers strewn around them – the perfect concept for a chandelier. But since then she has found just as much satisfaction in creating a Chandelier with Crowns, Hearts, Flowers

Smaller chandeliers are shipped complete and ready to hang while the largest models arrive with the arms complete but in need of attaching to the central metal support. We have successfully shipped these pieces all over the world so do not let your distance from the UK stop you from ordering. As voltages and bulb sizes vary between countries we will ensure that we supply you with all the correct wiring for your own country.

She has thus far made 4 sizes of chandelier and each one could be available as a tea set, crowns, hearts or flowers.

"Tea Set" Chandelier Cup Holder


The smallest of our made to measure chandeliers have three arms extending from a themed centre of your choice. For example, shown are both a teaset themed chandelier with tiny teacups that extend, and a heart vase themed chandelier. The link to the teaset chandelier on our website is below.

3 Station Chandeliers...Left to Right: Hearts, Red TeaSet, Blue TeaSet


The next size up in our chandelier range have six arms that extend from the centre and are 26 inches in diameter. They are larger than the three station models, and add glamour to any room where you want one. Shown in the pictures, some of the designs that Mary Rose has created are a teaset chandelier, a chandelier featuring little flowers which contain the bulbs and a regal crown themed creation.


Even bigger and more impressive than its younger siblings, the nine station chandeliers feature nine bulbs and unique holders that will match the theme of the chandelier. For example, as shown in the pictures the nine armed crown themed chandelier which hangs in our gallery, and commands the attention of everyone who visits. It has identical crown holders for the bulbs, and due to the gold painted on the crowns makes a wonderful atmosphere. All our nine armed chandeliers are 4 foot in diameter.


The biggest of its kind and without a doubt the most impressive, are the chandeliers made by Mary Rose herself which feature twelve arms. They are 6 foot in total diameter, and are guaranteed to steal the show with their glamour and size. Shown in the pictures is the journey of one of these, as Mary Rose is seen posing with the frame before she adds all those fabulous ceramic beads. The finished product is a crown themed chandelier, and as you can see by its size just how impressive they are!