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Author: James Young

The Hand Mirror’s Tale

The Giant Flower Encrusted Wall Mirror that appeared in March’s newsletter stimulated everybody’s Lateral Thinking Tendency. Mary Rose got a request from a collector in the USA to make a dressing table hand mirror…. And here is what she made. It’s a fairly elegant wooden...

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Baby Face

I didn’t need a shove cos I just fell in love…. Mary Rose Young's Face Vases have been around for a while, their eyes faithfully following you as you cross the room. And her latest work with the range of Face Plates has brought the vases back...

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60 AT 60 Exhibition

Mary Rose’s long awaited “60 at 60” Exhibition is officially beginning this weekend…the pieces are all made and the central Giant Chandelier is now on the verge of being hung. To put the seal on such a long awaited and auspicious occasion Mary Rose has...

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We can accept orders for delivery by Christmas up until and including Wednesday 12th December. After that date we can only ship you pieces that we have in the gallery and you should email james@maryroseyoung.co.uk to request images of “mugs” or “vases” or “pieces for around $150” whatever you’re interested in and I will reply. Dismiss